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Grown in Captain Cook, on the slopes of Mauna Loa,  Wana'ao coffee is 100% Kona Coffee. Our beans are hand-picked and roasted locally to a medium roast.



Our coffee is 100% Pure Kona Coffee and not a blend.



Only this delicious volcanica coffee grown in the Kona District on the island of Hawaii known as the ‘Big Island’ can be called KONA COFFEE. The first coffee trees were planted here in 1828 on the slopes of the volcano in the nutrient rich soil.   Coffee trees grow on coffee plantations and on individual farms up and down the slopes of the volcano at differing altitudes.  This gives the Kona District a very wide harvesting season.   As the lower trees ripen first, bearing the fruit, or cherry the harvesting moves upwards.  Farmers can continue moving up slope harvesting and hand picking cherries as they ripen.



More than 500 independent farms are located in the Kona district varying in all sizes from large plantations down to small family farms.  The region gets ample sunshine in the mornings, and then around noon, as the volcanic land has heated up, the clouds roll in from off shore.  This provides the trees with the ideal shade they need, and then the heavy moisture from the rains.   These essential rains provide well needed irrigation and also the damp high moisture content that a coffee cherry requires.



All the coffee in the Kona District is hand picked which is very labor intensive.  But with a human eye, and touch, the picker knows which cherries are perfectly ripened and ready.  After the cherries are pulped, fermented and washed they are then laid out on large decks to dry naturally in the sun.



The perfect combination of sunshine, shade, rain, and meticulous hand picking and hand roasting give this coffee the great taste and title as one of the best coffees in the world.



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