Peaberry is the highest grade of Coffee Bean

When the Coffee Tree bears fruit, it produces a ripe red cherry usually consisting of two halves which are referred to as coffee beans. The shape is rounded on one side and flat on the inside. In 2-4% of coffee cherries, one side never got fertilized and thus a round full shaped bean developed. These oval shaped beans are known as Peaberry and are considered the highest grade coffee.
This smaller round bean is believed to be more concentrated with oils and flavor. As well, with their rounded shape, Peaberry beans can roll easily in the roasting process, accepting heat transfer equally and thus roast more evenly throughout the bean.
The Peaberry bean is thus graded at a higher level and is a superior premium gourmet coffee.

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I was born and raised in Hawaii, and I miss home so much! While visiting home, I picked up some Wana'ao Kona Coffee at the KCC Farmers Market, and it is great! This morning brew takes me back home!

Holly B, Los Angeles