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Wana’ao Coffee is grown on the slopes of Hualalai Volcano in Kona. When our coffee cherries are perfectly ripened they are hand picked. After being washed and dried, our green beans are then roasted in small batches. All the coffee you order is freshly roasted and shipped. We are passionate coffee lovers and will only accept the highest standards. As you should too!

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Grown in Holualoa, on the slopes of Hualalai Volcano, Wana'ao coffee is 100% PURE Kona Coffee. Our beans are hand-picked and roasted locally to creating a smooth medium roast.

Our coffee is pure 100% Kona Coffee and not a blend.

The perfect combination of sunshine, shade, rain, and meticulous hand picking and selective roasting give this coffee the great taste and distinction as one of the finest coffees in the world.

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100% Kona Peaberry Coffee

Ready to try the world's finest coffee?  Maybe there is no turning back after trying pure 100% Kona Peaberry Coffee!  This tasty medium roast Hawaiian coffee will change you! 

When a coffee tree bears fruit, it produces a ripe red cherry usually consisting of two portions on the inside.  These portions, or seeds grow into coffee beans.  As there are two and they are in a round cherry, we get the typical shaped coffee bean. Rounded on the outside and flat on the inside.  Very rarely, in only about 2-3% of cherries, one seed never develops.  So from the single seed, we end up with an individual small round circular bean. This is a PEABERRY.

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Ripened red cherries only

Our green beans are hand roasted to perfection in small batches

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