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Have any questions?  Hopefully we have some answers.

Here are some answers to our more frequently asked questions from our customers.   Click on the + to see answers and if your question has still not been answered, then please contact us and we will be happy to try and help.


Q: When was your coffee roasted?

A: Our coffee is freshly roasted every week in Kona.  We receive it the next day so all orders are fulfilled fresh.  Coffee for sale at the KCC Farmers Markets exudes that lovely freshly roasted smell.  Pick up a bag, squeeze it and inhale the best aromas in the world!    


Q: How long does your coffee last? What is the shelf life?   

A: Our coffee should last at least four months.  However, being that coffee is a food, we encourage customers to enjoy it as soon as possible. Fresher food will always taste better. This is very high grade coffee and the full rich flavors will be much more enjoyable with timely consumption.


Q: Which is better to get?  Whole Bean or Ground Coffee?  

A: Good question.  Many coffee aficionados insist on getting whole bean coffee and grinding it themselves prior to making it.     Whole bean coffee will have less surface area and thus be less exposed to air and preserve a little stronger.

But for some of us who wake up a little slow and groggy in the mornings, the convenience of pre-ground coffee is bliss.

So for convenience, try ground.  For preservation and a little longer life, try whole bean.



Q: What is the best way to store my coffee once I open it?

A: Many opinions differ on this one.  Two of the more popular methods are to keep your coffee wrapped tightly in a Tupperware container and store it at room temperature.  The other way is to roll the open coffee bag up tightly so that it is closed with no air.  Then store it in the refrigerator. The tight seal will prevent the coffee from absorbing flavors from other food you may have in your fridge. 

If you have purchased our famous Peaberry grade coffee, please remove the inner bag of coffee from the small burlap bag before storing.  The burlap bag is merely for presentation and not intended for storage.  


Q: Can I travel on a plane with my Wana’ao Kona Coffee?

A: Yes, roasted coffee passed all Hawaii state agricultural laws and TSA requirements.


Q: Where can I purchase Wana’ao Coffee?

A: Our Kona coffee is available in THREE ways:

  • Online through We ship our Hawaiian Coffee all over the world.
  • Curbside pickup in Waikiki subject to a previous phone order.
  • At the KCC Farmers Market every Saturday morning.

Q: How long do your Happy Cakes last for?

A: Our Happy Cakes are hand-made, and can last for well over a month when kept in a cool, dry place.  They can last even longer if frozen or refrigerated.  The cake holds moisture well at lower temperatures and tastes great chilled.  

Once the packaging is opened, we suggest wrapping the remaining cake with plastic wrap and storing in the refrigerator.


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