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Wana'ao translates to first light, or the dawn in the Hawaiian language.  The name has importance to us because as our dawn breaks on us here in the Hawaiian Islands, we are brewing our first cup of coffee to begin our day.  

Our mission is to bring you the finest tasting coffee from Hawaii. 

Wana’ao Coffee in Hawaii originated from a background of passionate coffee drinking in Hawaii.  Being avid coffee lovers fixated on Kona coffee, we want to share and spread our passion with others.   Our coffee is all grown in Kona on the slopes of Hualalai and roasted there too.  We take pride in our high standards.    Our journey has connected us with fellow coffee lovers from all over the world leading to new friendships. 

And as you might agree, most of the important things we do in life are done with a tasty cup of coffee in hand. 

Wana'ao Kona Coffee Team

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