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How do we roast our 100% Kona Coffee at Wana'ao?

How do we roast our 100% Kona Coffee at Wana'ao?

A common and very popular method to roast coffee has always been the traditional drum roaster.   Coffee is placed in a large metal drum over a flame or heat source and roasted. As the coffee bean touches the hot metal surface there is heat transference known as conduction.

The challenge with this system is that it is difficult or near impossible to make every Kona coffee bean touch the hot surface evenly.  And the beans are roasted to the roaster’s desired color.   This can lead to some inconsistency amongst the coffee beans in the batch. 

At Wana’ao Coffee our roaster uses a Sivetz system where the coffee beans are roasted on a bed of hot air.  With the Sivetz system the coffee beans are levitated in hot air and always moving.  They are not touching any hot surface.  Air roasting ensures that the beans are roasted to the very specific settings the roaster has chosen.  This enables the roaster to toast the high quality Kona coffee beans to a precise flavor profile.   

Air roasting also enables the removal of chaff and other contaminants flying around.  This prevents them from smoking and getting burnt affecting the flavor of the coffee batch.   

Roasted Peaberry Kona Coffee Beans

Try some of air roasted Wana’ao pure 100% Kona coffee and let us know what you think.(Peaberry pictured)

Mahalo for reading.

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