Where does our 100% Kona Coffee come from?

Perhaps most of you already know what Kona Coffee is and you are big coffee aficionados? And then again there may be some out there who are very new to Kona coffee? So we just thought we'd take a few minutes to explain what Kona coffee is and where we grow our coffee. 
Hawaii has eight major islands and the largest of which is called Hawaii Island. Here locally we prefer to call it the big island. Kona is a small district on the Big Island that is on the slopes of Hualalei volcano. This volcanic lava soil helps produce incredible agriculture. Combined with a perfect mix of sun, clouds, and rain this district is incredibly fertile. Kona produces one of the finest coffees in the world! Kona District
Grown at elevation, our Wana'ao Kona Coffee specifically comes from around Holualoa in the Kona district. O All our coffee is roasted in Kona and then ship fresh over to Oahu where we have it back immediately for sale.

All the coffee cherries in the Kona District are hand picked which is very labor intensive.  But with a human eye, and touch, the picker knows which cherries are perfectly ripened and ready.  After the cherries are pulped, fermented and washed they are then laid out on large decks to dry naturally in the sun.


Our coffee is roasted in Kona and then shipped fresh over to Oahu where we have it bagged and prepared for sale.  

The perfect combination of sunshine, shade, rain, and meticulous hand picking and hand roasting give this coffee the great taste and title as one of the best coffees in the world.